Vortex Core

Our compute engine is scalable, powerful, and general enough to handle any workload.

configurable multi mode multiply accumulate

general purpose arithmetic logic unit

scalable single cycle local memory 

single-cycle data sharing

the right data.
right on time.

scalable to meet the needs of any workload

Vortex Core

Our compute engine is scalable, powerful, and general enough to handle any workload.

the power of a code driven processor

with the convenience of no-code graph analysis

Driven By Code.

We looked at the software and algorithms we wanted to support and accelerate and then built the architecture we knew that we needed. The general-purpose, data-parallel processor platform is designed to handle any Algorithm. Our processor has you covered from classical algorithms used for pre- and post-processing tasks such as digital signal processing to DNNs used in the most advanced AI.
the quadric Architecture

One Architecture.

Every Algorithm.
Build with quadric and have the peace of mind to develop and deploy any algorithm. We built the architecture from the ground up with performance and flexibility in mind. Develop algorithms once, deploy them on any quadric architecture instance.
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Die photograph of the first quadric Processor: the q16.
Silicon Proven


Not only is our architecture built from scratch to meet the needs of complex workloads, it is silicon-proven. The q16 Processor is an advanced low power device featuring a 256 Vortex Core Architecture instance.
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Sampling Now


Developer Kit
We've made it easy to experience our developer-focused processor architecture. The quadric Dev Kit is available for sampling now. It works with any M-key M.2 Host at speeds up to PCIe Gen4.
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Close up photograph of the quadric Dev Kit v1.0. The easiest way to experience the q16 Processor.
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Predictable Performance


The quadric SDK gives developers a powerful tool for the effortless simulation and deployment of AI software on any product containing a quadric architecture instance. Write your algorithms once and have the peace of mind to deploy them everywhere.
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The latest insights from our team
The story of our brand.

The quadric Concept

June 21st, 2021
Daniel Firu
We want to drive home the point that along with Neural Network acceleration, we also accelerate data parallelism for classical algorithms, as well. We selected the Fourier Transform because of its historical and continued importance across many industries. As well as the elegance with which is maps to our architecture.

Algorithm Stories: 1D FFT

July 14th, 2021
Daniel Firu
Vortex Cores

The Fundamental Unit of compute

quadric Vortex Cores are the perfect blend of generality and performance.
  • Scalable
  • Compatible
  • Powerful

We've built our software using the power of open source.

We stand on the shoulders of giants.

We can reach higher by leveraging the ecosystem.

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Instead of building a heterogeneous system with CPUs/GPUs/FPGAs & AI chips and dealing with that complexity of software and hardware integration, quadric has the technology to handle most of the application in a single unified hardware architecture and software model
Hideki Sugimoto - NSI TEXE