General Purpose Neural Processing Unit

A high-performance Machine Learning processor and a C++ programmable DSP in one unified architecture
the quadric Architecture

One Architecture.

Every Algorithm.
Modern System-on-Chip architectures deploy complex algorithms that mix traditional C++ based code with newly emerging and fast-changing machine learning (ML) inference code.  Only Quadric’s GPNPU architecture can deliver high ML inference performance and run complex C++ code on the same fully programmable processor without forcing the developer to artificially partition code between two or three different kinds of processors.  Quadric’s GPNPU is a licensable processor that scales from 1 TOP to 64 TOPs and seamlessly intermixes scalar, vector and matrix code.
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Die photograph of the first quadric Processor: the q16.
Silicon Proven
Not only is our architecture built from scratch to meet the needs of complex workloads, it is silicon-proven. Our proof of concept demonstration chip runs at 1 GHz and serves as a validation vehicle for the architecture and our complete software stacks.
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Development Kit
Quadric’s first generation GPNPU development kit works with any M-key M.2 Host at speeds up to PCIe Gen4.
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Close up photograph of the quadric Dev Kit v1.0. The easiest way to experience the q16 Processor.
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Quadric Developer Studio
The quadric SDK gives developers a powerful tool for the effortless simulation and deployment of AI software on any product containing a quadric architecture instance. Write your algorithms once and have the peace of mind to deploy them everywhere.

We've released a hosted version of the SDK on our Developer Studio.
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