quadric processor

Introducing the q16 processor. Built from the ground up with the software in mind.

configurable multi mode multiply accumulate

general purpose arithmetic logic unit

scalable single cycle local memory 

single-cycle data sharing

the right data.
right on time.

scalable to meet the needs of any workload

The q16 Processor comes complete with a 256 Vortex Core architecture instance, DDR and PCIE interfaces.

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The quadric processor contains the first ever instance of our fully custom architecture.

256 Vortex Cores.
The quadric processor contains a q16 Architecture instance featuring 256 Vortex Cores.
Highly Compatible.
The power of software defined hardware. This processor can handle any algorithm you throw at it.
Low Power.
The processor consumes 4.5W TDP. Embeddable in a wide range of edge applications.
Vortex Cores
quadric Architecture
Fast external memory access for large weights and big input sizes,
External Memory Access
2 lanes of 4th Generation PCIe maximize host transfer bandwidth
High Bandwidth host connection
The quadric Developer Kit is the easiest way to experience our developer-focused technology.
quadric Dev Kit
The easiest way to try the quadric processor is with our Dev Kit.
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  • Technology
    Foundry: TSMC 16nm FFC
    1.1 Billion Transistors
    Die Size: 6mm x 6mm
  • Architecture
    q16 quadric Architecture
    256 Vortex Cores
    8 MB On Chip Memory
    4 kB per Core Memory
    Multi-Precision Multiply Accumulate
  • Interfaces
    32bit  LPDDR4
    2 lanes PCIe Gen4
    5 GPIO
  • Electromechanical
    Mechanical dimensions of the q16 Processor.
    Chip Size: 16mmx 16mm
    Thickness: 3mm
    HFCBGA High Performance Flip Chip BGA
    3.5W TDP*
    225 Balls