Join our team of passionate innovators.

Look back on this chapter of building the company with amazing memories -- remembering it as a time that was challenging and exciting as we worked together to build something extraordinary.
The quad squad out at a year end party (before COVID)
  • Integrity
    Do things the right way
  • Humility
    Know when to say "I don't know"
  • Happiness
    Enjoy life at work and away from it
Startups are hard. Have the drive to pick something up and run with it.
We hire amazing people. Work with each other to make 1 + 1 = 3.
A startup has no end to ideas. Drive the ones we know are good to completion.
Veerbhan Kheterpal
Veerbhan Kheterpal
Co-founder & CEO
Nigel Drego
Nigel Drego
Co-founder & CTO
Daniel Firu
Daniel Firu
Co-founder & CPO
Building technology take collaboration. Chief Architecture Aman Sikka and Software Dev Shayan Yassami having a heated discussion. It all begins in the lab. Early pictures of us prototyping our architecture on FPGA boards complete with cameras and other sensor interfaces. CPO Daniel Firu and CEO Veerbhan Kheterpal reviewing a spreadsheet or something, probably.